System Integration

The goal of the system integration is to demonstrate a fully functional waterborne transport battery system integrated on a selected vessel at the Port of Rotterdam. System Integration of the supporting vessel and shoreside infrastructure will include the design, fabrication, and test of the shoreside charging and battery swapping infrastructure (incl. charging stations, cables, cranes, among others). The system integration process in the CD project will be targeting a high level of standardization of electrical, instrumentation and mechanical interfaces. This means that mechanical connections, electrical plugs and data communication should be suitable wherever the CD container may be charged and independent of who’s operating it.

The scope of integration further includes and ensures that the standardized charging infrastructure is properly connected to the electric grid including all necessary steps to apply for the grid connection permit and communication with the local grid operator. Foreship, in conjunction with Wärtsilä, will perform the vessel integration design with the standardized electrical and communications interfaces on the container and will contribute to the shoreside infrastructure design.

Wärtsilä will lead the deployment of the waterborne transport battery system at the Port of Rotterdam to prepare the port infrastructure for the demonstration activities. Moreover, Wärtsilä, in close collaboration with KOTUG, will prepare the demonstrator vessel for the new battery system.