Current Direct will identify the industrial requirements that are applicable to the project and will define the standard process for the certification of the swappable container and its periodical surveys. The base for the standardization will be both the performance and the safety and security requirements, also covering communications ship-to-container and container-to-Energy as a Service platform.

Considerations will be given to the ships’ infrastructures requirements and their certification against standardized requirements. The choice of the optimum electrical and mechanical interface of the swappable container to the ship and to the port infrastructures identified by the above ‘System Integration’ will be supported by appropriate considerations to ensure their highest quality, having an eye to simplify certification processes and cut costs associated to them.

Current Direct has the aim to standardize a technology that is novel and uncovered by the existing regulatory framework. The Risk Management that will support the development of the project at each cornerstone stage will provide input to a Standard for the swappable container, its interface to the ship and the port infrastructures, various testing needed to demonstrate compliance, acceptance criteria and continuous surveys expectations.

Existing Regulatory Frameworks from Class Societies, Maritime and IWW States and EU Agencies will be considered so as the Standardization achieved will incorporate all of them and will avoid excessive and unnecessary costs associated for tailoring the product to different markets and different applications.