Universiteit Hasselt

Hasselt University (UHasselt) is a young, independent and innovative university with six faculties, one School and six research institutes. About 38% of the PhD students at Hasselt University are from outside Belgium and 12% of the academic staff is international. In the Times Higher Education Best Small Universities Ranking, a sub-ranking focusing on universities with fewer than 5000 students, Hasselt University is ranked as number 15 worldwide. In 2017 Hasselt University closed 770 research contracts with the industry worth 15.5 million euros. UHasselt has 35 active patents in portfolio and 15 license agreements and now counts 11 active spin-offs.

Main role and expertise: UHasselt is responsible for the development of a computationally feasible physics-based modeling/simulation framework to formalize the electrochemical behavior of the cell technology to be developed in this project. Parametrization of the electrochemical model for the short- and long-term behavior with the aid of electrochemical experimentation at the cell level. Supporting the development of an accurate BMS and battery analytics platform by bridging the physics of the cell and practical metrics in the real life application.