Rhoe is an award-winning Greek technology startup that develops state-of-the-art products for the transportation and energy sectors. Rhoe’s in-house experts work with cities, businesses, and research institutions to help them bring cutting-edge products to market, cut down on red tape and drastically improve productivity.

Main role and expertise: Rhoé will lead the Development of the Energy-as-a-Service Platform. In particular, Rhoé will conduct the necessary research into all fields relevant with the EaaS platform (e.g., dynamic pricing, inventory management, scheduling and route optimization), build state-of-the art algorithms and design an accessible easy-to-use interface that brings the swappable battery ecosystem to life. Additionally, Rhoé will be overseeing the development of the database and battery analytics software that inform and support the EaaS platform. Last but not least, Rhoé will conduct an infrastructure study that aims to identify the most suitable spots for novel vessel charging points across the all European inland waterway routes.

Rhoé is experienced in designing dynamic and static databases for monitoring large datasets in real time. Additionally, Rhoé has designed multiple web and mobile applications along with monitoring platforms for partners in the shipping and mobility market segment. Lastly, Rhoé has extensive experience in matters of transportation and mobility, shown both by the applications that the company has developed along with its research publications.