Foreship Ltd. is an independent company specializing in ship design and engineering. With eight offices and located in four countries, Foreship’s global team employs approximately 100 naval architects, marine and structural engineers, interior and HVAC designers and electrical engineers, It provides comprehensive business case and technical consultancy on ship and offshore design, project management and delivery, offering advisory services to privately- and publicly-funded stakeholders. Customers include the world’s largest cruise lines; passenger, cargo and offshore shipowners; leading shipyards and maritime suppliers.Foreship’s services include feasibility studies, evaluation of project facilities and suppliers, safety and environmental assessments, expert representation, third-party reviews and on-site supervision.For every project, Foreship’s approach is based on ‘lifecycle management’. The company also shares its expertise with clients, while cumulative data is shared on an anonymized basis with major maritime associations to benefit industry insight.

Main role and expertise: Foreship will lead the Specification and requirements definition for Waterborne transport Battery system. This includes the analysis of the market to establish standardized interface and topology requirements related to both mechanical and electrical infrastructure. Moreover, Foreship will lead the development of standardized interfaces beyond the scope of a pilot project and Life Cycle cost and environmental impact assessment in close interaction with all commercial and research partners providing crucial environmental and economic inputs for the assessment activities. Subsequently, Foreship will conduct the economic evaluation of the overall concept and cost-benefit analyse in comparison with existing Waterborne Transport system. The outputs of this analysis will feed the business model developed by SPEAR.