EDP CNET – Center for New Energy Technologies, founded in 2014, is a R&D Centre of the EDP Group aimed at creating possibilities to lead the energy transition. It is fully committed to research and development with a strong focus in technology demonstration projects. EDP CNET is organized in 5 knowledge areas each representing a crucial future innovation pillar for the EDP Group: Interoperable Smart Energy Grids, Positive Energy Communities, RES technologies, RES integration and Flexibility and Digital Energy. EDP CNET has carried out work in several R&D projects in all the energy value chain, most of them financed by the EU H2020, adopting an integrated and sustainable approach towards disruptive solutions that empower its partners and bring value to the shareholders.

Main role and expertise: EDP CNET will lead the Economic Evaluation, Business Model and Roadmap for Commercialization interacting with all key stakeholders of the project to ensure a sound exploration and pave the way for market deployment. EDP CNET will ensure based on its extensive experience in business modelling, economic evaluation and exploitation strategies that the technical developments of Currect Direct project are followed by a sound and comprehensive commercialization and industrialization roadmap defining the steps to raise the commercial readiness of the EaaS platform and waterborne transport battery system. EDP CNET will also lead Outreach activities -Communication and Dissemination Actions raising awareness and interest in the project to engage a wide audience and seek synergies with other European partners. This will be facilitated through EDP’s +300 partner strong network in H2020.