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Project’s kick off and website launch

On January the 1st 2021 the Current Direct project officially started, and the kick-off meeting of the project took place virtually on January the 5th. Moreover, on April the 26th the project’s website has officially been launched.

Current Direct, a research and innovation project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program, will revolutionize the way we move goods and people by water. By cutting the cost of today’s marine battery electric drivetrains in half and relieving ship owners of the burden of capital expense, Current Direct will enable rapid adoption to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Current Direct will develop and demonstrate an innovative, interchangeable waterborne transport battery system and an Energy as a Service Platform in an operational environment in the Port of Rotterdam. Current Direct will consider its integration across the range of different vessel types used in the coastal and inland waterway transport industry, including short to medium range freight and ferry services.

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