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Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Virtual ‘Live’ Conference

We are happy to announce that Current Direct will actively participate in the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Virtual ‘Live’ Conference and three partners from Current Direct consortium have been invited to present.

Our partners will present the following three topics:

  • Applicability of containerized ESS on inland waterway and coastal shipping
  • Onshore infrastructure for electrification of swappable containerized battery systems
  • EU project for swappable container waterborne transport batteries

Electric & Hybrid Marine Virtual Conference will take place from 13th to 15th September 2021 and will provides a crucial platform for shipowners and operators, boat builders, propulsion system designers and manufacturers, naval architects, military fleet operators/chiefs, and of course port operators, to engage with speakers and suppliers who will present the next generation of electric and hybrid marine propulsion technologies.

Join us and be part of the future !