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Current Direct presented at China International Battery Fair Summit

On March 19-21 2021 the Current Direct project was presented at China International Battery Fair (CIBF) by our consortium partner Foreship Ltd.

About CIBF: The CIBF – China International Battery Fair is the world’s largest trade fair devoted to batteries and takes place every two years in Shenzhen. The organizer of the fair CIAPS is China’s leading association for battery technology. Exhibitors present not only all kinds of battery products and production technologies, but also machinery, equipment, materials, metrology and testing technology and therefore all segment of the industry are united under one roof. The CIBF is an ideal platform to demonstrate the competitiveness of companies, to build production capacity and to learn about the latest technologies, trends and innovations on the market. With the increasing importance of China in the high-energy storage sector the international importance of CIBF increases. Besides an additional incentive is created by the accompanying conference.

Current Direct presentation: Current Direct project’s key attributes were presented and special emphasis was placed on how the Energy as a Service platform coupled with the containerized Battery Energy Storage will enable Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction within the European waterways.

Key facts:

CIBF attendees: 300

Media reported for the summit: 300

Location: Shenzhen, China