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Current Direct launches the Voyage Energy Planner

The Energy Planner provides vessel Owners, Operators and Charterers with a Zero Emission Battery Swapping Energy plan for Inland Waterway vessels based on a few key vessels and journey parameters. Using these parameters the Planner quickly estimates the number of Current Direct swappable battery containers and swapping operations required to achieve an absolute zero-emission voyage.

The Planner provides a selection from several ‘generic’ power profiles that provide simplified % power vs % time journeys along the Rhine Corridor. The resulting Energy Plan provides the indicative energy needs of inland waterway vessels and fleets and can assist owners to commence planning for the transition to a zero-emission solution based on swappable battery container technology.

The Planner is built upon extensive data harvested from the existing IWT Fleet and inland waterway network.

Get to know the Voyage Energy Planner here.