Battery Technology

Multiple novel technologies will be developed under Current Direct.  These innovations will increase safety and operational flexibility, allowing end users to have confidence when adopting energy storage systems to achieve the ever-increasing regulatory emission requirements without needing to pay a premium relative to today’s operating costs.

These advancements over today’s state of the art technologies will begin at the cell level.  Blackstone Resources will be developing a novel 3D printed cell manufacturing processes which enables thicker electrodes to increase cell level energy density. In addition to the performance benefits this brings, the new production process cuts the processing yield cost in half when compared to conventional cell manufacturing methods while also being better for the environment. This is achieved through lower capital equipment cost, increased automation, reduced energy consumption, and the use of more sustainable materials.

An advanced anisotropic composite material being developed by the University of Brussels will reduce pack level costs and increase energy density through its combination of unique material properties while supporting industry leading cell to cell thermal propagation protection.

A smart cell supervisor being developed by Vito will provide wireless data acquisition and store highly granular information to reduce cost and increase value in second life applications.

The amalgamation of each of these technologies into an optimized battery pack will be done by Spear Power Systems in close cooperation with Wartsila who will develop the fully integrated package based on a standard 20-foot shipping container for maximizing energy and performance.